Countering the threat

Countering the threat - a holistic approach

Know the threat

In an ideal world, any countering of the threat would start with knowing it. Preparing to know your enemy allows you to better defend against them and that's where our Intelligence Services can help with strategical intelligence reports in areas such as global threat and risk assessments, OSINT collection, analysis and reporting, and many more bespoke intelligence solutions.

Understand the danger

An intimate understanding of the dangers will provide you with expert knowledge of the problems being faced and the ability to source solutions to counter the threat. Here our Intelligence Services can provide focused threat assessments, profiles and reports as required.

However, at EWS we understand that our customers might be at different parts of the cycle; that's why we can help at any point of countering the threat.

Define the solution

If you're looking at purchasing an equipment, then we can offer Consultancy Advice and a Customer Friend role to ensure the products you buy are fit for purpose and will meet your expectations.

Mitigate the threat

If you've already taken delivery of your equipment, then we can offer bespoke Training Solutions for your teams as we are OEM agnostic. We're highly experienced in designing courses and delivering pre-deployment training courses to ensure your Force will deploy to theatre ready to mitigate and counter the threat.

Develop a sustainable capability

Knowledge can decay very rapidly, so once in theatre we can provide expert mentoring, in-country subject matter experts through our Managed Services and Manpower Support to develop a sustainable capability.

Continuous evaluation

It's the nature of things to evolve and the threat you are facing will also be evolving. We can provide you with vital Training and Intelligence to equip you with the tactical or operational knowledge to identify vulnerabilities and for you to continue to anticipate and mitigate the threat. And so the cycle to mitigate and counter the threat continues.

Next steps

If you’d like to discuss your threat and how we can help you counter it while keeping your Force safe, then please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.


EWS is recognised by governments, defence and security departments, police and law enforcement agencies around the world as highly experienced in proactively seeking and recommending practical, affordable solutions to difficult technical and operational issues.

Our expertise is called on to provide cost-effective solutions when critical problems are identified.

Our unique skills and capabilities, and unrivalled network of contacts across the globe, allow us to identify and design efficient solutions for the global issues being faced today.

Our collaborative approach brings together relevant knowledge and experience from across our extensive networks across multiple sectors to deliver operationally-resilient solutions.

Our value-driven consultancy is completely flexible and adaptable to your business and project needs. We work seamlessly alongside your project teams and liaise effectively with your supply chains to ensure the highest quality of service and delivery from suppliers.

We offer a tailored approach to planning and scheduling, effectively managing human and service resources, and analysing risk.