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Corporate brochure

EWS operationally experienced multi-domain EW and ISR consultants save lives globally by delivering innovation, improvements and viable solutions.

  • We save lives by enabling a space to give you critical thinking time to make a balanced decision
  • We will take time to understand your situation based on our prior experience and operational knowledge
  • We will provide tangible end to end solutions to your complex problems
  • Our collective domain insight and specialist expertise is gained from decades of military, commercial and technical knowhow
  • By strategically partnering with us, you can access our knowledge, capabilities, expertise and extensive network of contacts to accelerate competitive advantages, deliver sustainable growth and protect lives.
  • There isn't another company in the world like EWS, or one that does what we can do every day for our clients

Intelligence services brochure

  • We are open source intelligence experts, answering critical intelligence requirements from military and commercial sectors on current and future threats
  • Our unique approach to intelligence gathering provides timely, verified and attributed intelligence to government and commercial agencies
  • We offer an affordable intelligence capability providing unclassified actionable intelligence to those who need it to make critical decisions

Open Source Threat Database Brochure

  • Unclassified actionable intelligence for those who need to make critical decisions
  • Uses a mixture of 'human in the loop' and bespoke software
  • We also offer a flexible RFI service which includes focused data collection, analysis and reporting, which is directly relevant to client needs
  • Our team of seasoned intelligence operatives can provide quality analysis and reporting, driven by your intelligence requirements

Training services brochure

  • By engaging closely with you, we collaborate to identify and scope your exacting training requirements
  • Our operationally experienced instructors will then design, plan and deliver your bespoke training packages to ensure your personnel have the expertise to grow your capability
  • We can provide practical and pragmatic live, simulated and classroom-based learning opportunities and environments
  • Our training can occur where you need it to happen, be that in the UK, overseas or in theatre
  • By asking us to deliver your training, we will help build the team players and resilient leaders you need to face your future challenges

Event Security Planning Brochure

  • The Event Security Planning & RSP Course (ESPRC) provides peer to peer mentoring to those who are engaged in the planning and specialist response for events
  • We will develop professional skills and operational decision making, and above all else, practice individual, team and collective responses in real-world, relevant scenarios
  • All the training we deliver is realistic, backed up by intelligence, and viable to the operations your team will conduct
  • We aim to do as much hands on and situational training as possible, with a ‘train as you fight’ mentality