SECTORS – Doctrine development

Governments rely on doctrine to maximise the operational effectiveness of their military security forces and optimise the application of their military power and law enforcement within the guidelines of their agreed policy and strategy. CA clearly defined doctrine outlines military ethos and approach and a sends a clear message to allies and potential adversaries that the country’s Armed Security Forces are well prepared to meet potential challenges.

EWS brings years of experience to aid in the development of doctrine for governments which need to adapt to meet national security challenges, develop an indigenous military and law enforcement capabilitiesy or define their commitments to a multinational operational effort.

Every doctrine requires an objective and individual approach and EWS’s experience in doctrine development can help keep the project on track and to budget. We recognise four stages in developing the doctrine life cycle: identification and initiation, development and deliverables, approval, key actions and maintenance.

Our added value to the doctrine development can mitigate time lost due to potential misunderstandings between team members, we can facilitate the resolution of complex and contentious issues and enhance the final quality of the doctrine.

We can help develop a doctrine based on fundamental warfare principles and best practices, incorporating changes derived from lessons learned during operations, training, exercises, and, where appropriate, validated concepts. If required, wWe can also ensure thate doctrine includes is supported by robust Standard Operating Procedures, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) and develop resultant training programmes for staff.

EWS also offers doctrine review, to make sure it isyour current and remains aligned with changes in policy, legislation or operational requirements.


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