SECTORS – Indigenous capability & capability development

Just being able to do the job isn’t enough, that’s where capability comes in. A capable organisation is well structured, has skilled and trained staff, efficient management systems and isn’t afraid to regularly review its own performance. A successful and sustaining indigenous capability should be a natural extension to this process.

EWS can help you build and strengthen your capabilities, making maximum use of internal resources to enable economies and businesses to grow and flourish.


We can evaluate current operating skills, operational understanding and abilities and advise on what the steps are needed to improve capability. By iIdentifying gaps shortfalls in team expertise capability and highlighting development gaps EWS ; providingwill develop targeted and cost-effective training to meet your organisational needs.

Ultimately, improved capability will result in savings and efficiencies.

  • Quality and risk assessments
  • Tendering and contract management processes
  • Supplier engagement strategies to ensure cost-effective and fit for purpose solutions are delivered
  • Mentoring and support
  • Improving capacity and capability to complete work to the highest standard and on time
  • Using sustainable and proven models


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