SECTORS – Procurement support

Procurement of complex and increasingly capable systems that are destined to successfully operate in a dynamic and often undefined environment presents unique challenges to procurement teams. Incorporating specialist, knowledgeable and operationally balanced input can often make the difference between successful equipment procurement or an expensive mistake; ultimately the end-user bears the impact, good or bad.

EWS can provide the operational balance by combining broad technical knowledge with a clear understanding of the domains you operate in, bridging the gap between commercial industries and government, security and defence organisations. We foster a collaborative, cross-industry approach, working in partnership with all parties involved.

Protection of IP is crucial to commercial survival. By maintaining independence from equipment manufacturers EWS is in a position to operate as the “honest broker” during the procurement process, providing a barrier to protect individual IP where multiple systems from different manufacturers are being integrated to provide an overall capability.



  • We can identify knowledge and capability skills required for the efficient and cost-effective delivery of procurement projects. We can help identify the key roles and the personnel best suited to those roles.
  • Carry out realistic needs analysis based on capabilities required to deliver supply objectives and needs.
  • Reflect industry best practices and ensure compliance with all legal and ethical requirements.
  • Ensure efficient contract design and risk assessments.
  • Act as an independent consultant, change agent and able to influence external stakeholders.
  • EWS has a deep understanding of the business and supply chain environments within which the organisation operates and as such can identify and mitigate the procurement and supply chain risks that the organisation faces.
  • We realise that organisations are facing unprecedented fiscal austerity and shrinking budgets, however, they still need to remain agile and able to take advantage of opportunities presented to them.
  • To ensure effective solutions are delivered, we start at the beginning, the design stage, not at deployment. We can help with assurance and confidence around product resilience and operational performance in the field. Considering through-life requirements [BIGGER PICTURE / holistic approach).


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