Intelligence Services from EWS

EWS is recognised by governments, defence and security departments around the world as a key supplier of open source threat intelligence data, threat analysis and threat reporting.


Open Source Threat Database - a 24/7 global database of IED and RCIED events 

Our Open Source Threat Database (OSTD) is routinely relied upon to provide credible and up to date intelligence on emerging trends in RCIED threats and C-IED.

The OSTD is a near real-time online repository of global RCIED and remotely detonated IED events. Updated on a daily basis by our Subject Matter Experts, it provides an essential open source intelligence resource in addressing this dynamic threat and complex operational environment.

A no-obligation demonstration of the capabilities of the OSTD can be arranged either online, remotely or in person.

We offer licenses for 24/7 access to the OSTD, either on an annual or monthly basis. Licences can be scaled for multiple users; just ask for details.

Alternatively, we can provide tailored reports based on your requirements, including: one-off or recurring market or incident reports, RCIED Threat Profiles, Threat-Led Business Development Reports and RFIs (Requests For Information). This list is not exhaustive, so why not speak to us today about our sample reports, or discuss your individual needs with us?

Contact us today to arrange a no-obligation demonstration of our Open Source Threat Database, request a temporary log-in or to ask for more information.

OverSite – An unclassified drone intelligence database

EWS also offers OverSite, a new online, secure database service for operators which catalogues uncrewed autonomous vehicle (UAV / UxV) events across the globe.

Through its ongoing intelligence activities, EWS is continually reviewing the future in terms of rapidly evolving threats and use of technology. Although the ongoing war in Ukraine points a strong finger at the proliferation of offensive UAVs, EWS has taken a much wider view of the uncrewed / unmanned problem space and decided to develop a global open-source UxV database, OverSite.

The company is already world renowned for the Open Source Threat Database (OSTD) and its intelligence experts are now monitoring and scrutinising information from reliable open sources to identify and catalogue UxV events as well.

The UxV database is dynamic with events being added daily and existing events updated as more details become available. OverSite covers UxV incident and technical data with the same granularity as the successful and globally recognised OSTD. As such, users are already calling OverSite “A valuable unclassified resource, providing flexible intelligence output on this rapidly developing threat, regardless of the method of delivery.”

OverSite is offered as a stand-alone intelligence resource, or as an addition to the OSTD. Personalised no-obligation demonstrations of the new database can be arranged either by calling +44 (0) 1636 550490 or by completing this online form.