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13th June 2023

EWS celebrates commercial contract award for KWESST Micro Systems Inc.

As their UK-based partners, EWS celebrates the announcement that KWESST Micro Systems Inc. has received notice of a five-year initial contract award for approx. C$20m alongside […]
13th June 2023

EWS and KWESST – a Joint Venture for success

A commercial joint venture between EWS and KWESST Micro Systems Inc. has been announced which will allow potential defence project opportunities in the UK and Australia […]
6th June 2023

Another successful East Midlands CEMA/ISR Industry Engagement and Networking Day

EWS and Leonardo Training Academy Lincoln were delighted to co-host the fourth CEMA/ISR Industry Engagement and Networking Day in May 2023. This rapidly growing industry event […]
2nd May 2023

A collaborative year of success for Team Vincit

Since the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to create Team Vincit was signed between EWS and Mercury EW in 2022, the strategic partnership has proved extremely successful […]
2nd May 2023

The Predictable Evolution of Mission Data for Improvised Threats (MD4IT)

The Improvised Threat Mitigating and exploiting improvised threats has always and continues to pose a challenge to those operating in the asymmetric space, says Troy Phillips. […]
25th April 2023

60,000 recorded IED and RCIED entries on the Open Source Threat Database

The Open Source Threat Database (OSTD) recorded its 60,000th entry in April 2023, making it one of the most comprehensive threat databases on RCIED and C-IED events […]