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9th March 2021

Justifying the investment in cradle to grave consultancy

As many of our friends, colleagues and clients will know, EWS was formed in 2009 when we realised that there was a paucity of unbiased and […]
2nd March 2021

How can ECM keep up with the evolving threat and can OSINT help?

Those of us who have been involved with electronic countermeasures (ECM/CREW/Jammers) for many decades have seen significant changes in the threat, the technology, and ECM availability, […]
2nd February 2021

The role OSINT plays in defeating IEDs

Needle in a haystack – the role Open Source Intelligence plays in defeating IEDs Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram posts from ‘concerned citizens’ and official accounts alike […]
2nd February 2021

How Field Service Representatives can build capacity and save time and money

Although the dangers and utter devastation caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and especially Radio Controlled IEDs (RCIEDs), seem to barely register a flicker in the […]
31st January 2021

LIMITED OFFER – apply for FREE access to IED intelligence

As an Intelligence Analyst, has the current pandemic impacted on your ability to access data or limited the amount of data being collected? Troy Phillips said: […]
12th January 2021

AMISOM troops conclude counter IED training with help from EWS

Field Service Representatives (FSRs) from EWS were delighted to be present to see forty Ugandan soldiers serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) receive their […]