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Drones and how to counter them are incredibly topical at the moment. You can’t watch the TV or open a newspaper without reading about the issues drones cause to a broad cross-section of society. At EWS we regularly see new companies claiming to offer the latest in counter drone technology but how do you choose the right solution for your unique situation?

Picking the right counter drone solution

Because of the threat drones can pose to critical infrastructure and the smooth running of a business, more and more companies are now finding that they have a requirement for a counter-drone solution. Countering unmanned aerial systems, or C-UAS, has turned into a very complex and potentially expensive arena.

However, if you’ve been tasked with finding a C-UAS solution but you’ve never had to deal with a drone threat before, where do you start?

Drone information overload?

There’s a huge amount of information now being circulated on the internet about counter drone technology and possible solutions, but if you’ve been tasked with sourcing a C-UAS mitigation strategy, all this extra information could end up confusing you.

To make things even more complicated, legislation surrounding some counter drone technology may be restrictive. It’s country dependant however; some C-UAS solutions are legal and some aren’t, despite what the salesman trying to sell you the technology might be telling you. So how do you know what is legal and more importantly, is going to be fit for your unique requirements?

Our advice is to speak with EWS, because we have extensive experience in understanding and interpreting the potential threat presented by drones. Additionally, our vendor-neutral team is the first choice for many companies who need to understand the drone threat they might be facing and the various mitigation options available.

Counter drone assessment and support

Our C-UAS team will understand your specific drone threat and interpret the implications. This allows us to explore and test solutions and options, both tactical and technological, and make vendor neutral recommendations that will fulfil your needs and be commensurate with your budget.

At EWS, we will always start with an assessment of the threat you are facing, which in reality might not actually be what you first think it is. That’s where our global experience regarding the collection, analysis and reporting of threats posed by drones is invaluable. We are experienced in assessing drone threats from all perspectives. This deep and thorough understanding allows us to provide the full cross-section of support services:

  • Threat analysis:
    • Open-source Intelligence driven threat analysis
    • Assessment of enemy tactics and their technical capability
    • Assessment of drone technology
  • Market analysis:
    • Research and recommend products that are on the market to suit your needs, budget and risk assessment
  • Capability development:
    • Development of Mission Fills – if needed
    • Mapping RF interoperability
    • RF collateral damage assessment
    • Development of operating procedures
    • Verification and validation of C-UAS systems (laboratory, chamber or field test site)
    • Sourcing and providing a system from the OEM
    • Training for capability managers, maintenance staff and of course operators
    • Planning of major events or activities where drones may be a threat or nuisance
  • Experienced operators and consultants:
    • We provide specialist manpower from operators, field support engineers through to a full managed service and advisory services

OverSite – A new unclassified drone intelligence database

Oversite by EWS is an open source intelligence database of uncrewed events.EWS offers OverSite, a new online, secure database service for operators which catalogues uncrewed autonomous vehicle (UAV / UxV) events across the globe.

Through its ongoing intelligence activities, EWS is continually reviewing the future in terms of rapidly evolving threats and use of technology. Although the ongoing war in Ukraine points a strong finger at the proliferation of offensive UAVs, EWS has taken a much wider view of the uncrewed / unmanned problem space and decided to develop a global open-source UxV database, OverSite.

The company is already world renowned for the Open Source Threat Database (OSTD) and its intelligence experts are now monitoring and scrutinising information from reliable open sources to identify and catalogue UxV events as well.

The UxV database is dynamic with events being added daily and existing events updated as more details become available. OverSite covers UxV incident and technical data with the same granularity as the successful and globally recognised OSTD. As such, users are already calling OverSite “A valuable unclassified resource, providing flexible intelligence output on this rapidly developing threat, regardless of the method of delivery.”

OverSite is offered as a stand-alone intelligence resource, or as an addition to the OSTD. Personalised no-obligation demonstrations of the new database can be arranged either by calling +44 (0) 1636 550490 or by completing this online form.

Know before you buy

We will help you interpret and understand your threat. This understanding will drive assessment of the myriad of C-UAS solutions available to you and we will then provide recommendations on the best fits for your specific problem and budget, based on independent assessment, research and testing.

We will provide verification and validation of C-UAS capability which in turn provides a high level of audit and due-diligence for potential operators and capability owners. Our vendor-neutral stance allows us to be focussed entirely on the customer’s unique drone-threat situation.

EWS can offer support and guidance to ensure your drone threats will be mitigated and your budgets spent wisely and effectively. If you need ongoing consultancy, operational support or training, then we can offer the full range of managed services, including 24/7 on-call operations.

Next steps

We appreciate that there are many factors to consider when sourcing a C-UAS solution, so we’re here to help.

Just give us a call on 01636 550 490 or email us by clicking on the button below and let us own and mitigate your drone problem.



EWS is recognised by governments, defence and security departments, police and law enforcement agencies around the world as highly experienced in proactively seeking and recommending practical, affordable solutions to difficult technical and operational issues.

Our expertise is called on to provide cost-effective solutions when critical problems are identified.

Our unique skills and capabilities, and unrivalled network of contacts across the globe, allow us to identify and design efficient solutions for the global issues being faced today.

Our collaborative approach brings together relevant knowledge and experience from across our extensive networks across multiple sectors to deliver operationally-resilient solutions.

Our value-driven consultancy is completely flexible and adaptable to your business and project needs. We work seamlessly alongside your project teams and liaise effectively with your supply chains to ensure the highest quality of service and delivery from suppliers.

We offer a tailored approach to planning and scheduling, effectively managing human and service resources, and analysing risk.